White Night

”Clementine Chan’s paintings offer a quiet corner for meditation… Looking at these paintings, urban viewers will be reminded of the beauty of nature that we so seldom see ­ the sky, the sun, moonlight, clouds, stars and the wonders of the different seasons. Very few local artists can convey the solitude of human existence in such an accessible and efficient manner. …viewers of all ages will definitely take something from Chan’s delicate canvases.”

Sunday Morning Post
May, 2004


“Her works are simple and powerful, like visual haikus.”

South China Morning Post


“Chan’s drawings remind me of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s little Prince –
charming but lonely. She portrays the solitude of human existence through
tiny, elongated figures, with their shadows as their only companion, in vast
landscapes…With their fairytale-like quality, her oil paintings create a
dreamy, mysterious ambience complicated by a sense of universal

BC Magazine